Vagueness is my speciality and I have some commentary. Pirate themed parties are evil, and thus I will be the classiest pirate ever. I can’t do dirty and gross, it goes against everything I believe in. I will try, if not only for Audrey.

Secondly I hate it when people metaphorically drop bombs in my flat, it drives me crazy. And when they try to contain them, it makes certain activities not only more disgusting than they already are, but also less sanitary. Let’s keep our shit in order, people… Why can I be the only one to always smell like flowers? :DD

Also, I’m just generally annoyed at constantly getting woken up all the time. I’m thinking of ear-plugs, but I fear that would have no effect considering operatic numbers, and scornfully disturbing utterances and whistling. Next time I should buy a violin and play it poorly just to get a rise. XX(