I can’t lie about, the first two songs of this competition so far have just been stars in my eyes. The first is a powerful operatic-rock song, and the second a nice inspiring pop song (that I’ve also been found singing down the streets of Caen; crazy!) And thus clearly the star, Jonathan Fagerlund deserves a little bit of a credit of course! What a star at 18 years old, seriously. A great voice, a good stage-presence, and just all around-goodness.

I was so curious as to what had been going on in his history that I managed to find his fansite, which of course is hosted by Fanglobe (my good old friend Magnus), which if you are a good follower is the same hoster as the famous www.a-teens.com! Yes that’s right kiddies, the site that I joined when I was 13 years old, nearly 10 years ago, I’m still a member and I can use the same logon to go to that site too! What a bloody joy!

So logging in through that site to the marvelously hoste site of Jonathan, I discovered his blog, and began the tedious task of reading pages, pages, and pages of posts. I would like to thank Google Reader for helping me to organise my postings and such, without it I would be lost in the shuffle forsure! Thank god for Atom, and RSS, it makes my life so much better. I’m not a stalker, I swear, I was just looking for information, and brushing up on my Swedish meant that reading nearly 300 post dating back a few month (wow what a power-blogger) took, needless to say, a couple hours. I got through it and I’m proud. I wish my life could be as exciting as his, but alas I’m living in Normandy and what can I do.

At the risk of sounding strange, I really only needed to state this information to make another ode to an artist this year in Melodifestivalen!

If, by chance, (due to the commenting on his blog with my blog address), Jonathan happens to fall into this post, I would ask him to please leave a little comment. It would make my day, truly!

Och för att vara mer tydlig, Jonathan, om du är här, så vill jag att du lämnar ett meddelande.; och jag ska bli mycket glada för det, tack!!