I went to the market this morning, as usual, but there was something different and changed about the experience. First of all, there was the sun and no clouds in the sky. Secondly it was bitter cold, and since I lost one of my mittens 24 hours after buying them, I don’t have mittens. Thirdly the wind made the bitter cold even worse to deal with. Fouth, there is an invasion of British people? I saw a group of 20 Americans, and then a group of little British chav children (so sad) :wave: It’s truly tragic, but I don’t understand what’s going on. What’s drawing the Brits to our little city? What makes it so exciting? I fail to see anything, especially since I missed a bus that showed up 10 minutes early; like seriously, what the fuck? 🙄

In other news, Romania chose a really shit entry for Eurovision this year. What were thy thinking, honestly? :crazy: