Upon laying comfortably on my bed and observing the happenings of my laundry on the floor, needing soap to watch them, I reflected on something that I found quite useful in my life. During my younger years, I had a wonderfully inspiring teacher named Ms. Perrier, who not only was kind and gentle, but the kind of soul that makes children at that age shine and have brilliance. In this class I was exposed to acting, where I was a star. Also creative writing, where I wrote my first story. As well to the wonders of drawing on someone elses back whilst sitting on the carpet listening to crappy religious stories. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours: good deal.

In any case, despite being exposed to the cutest animal ever: the manatee, we had a certain project here which helped my skills in, ghasp, spelling I am useless in the subject, but thanks to her and her efforts I became quite a bit better. How did we achieve such great progress you wonder? Well we had cue-cards, and the little boxes that you put cue-cards in. When we made mistakes or found new words we wanted to learn, we would have to write them on the cue card with their definition(s). This was a wonderful reference to always look up the words that I spelled incorrectly.

Now if only the French could develop such a little box in which to put the cards, and it would work well for me and my students. Alas, encore une fois dans la merde.