Between Saint Étienne and New Years, we went to Chris’ flat and would remain there since he had to return to work. We had planned to get together with some girl’s that I remembered from two years ago that loved Ikea (who doesn’t right?), who have a gorgeous apartment. It was a nice calm evening, and what did we eat of course, but fondue à la savoyarde which made me drool. We ate for hours, had huge laughs, and had a nice calm-adultery evening in good company. Text messsages were flying around when the clock struck midnight, and we were in the process of playing a game which I was horrible at. Can you imagine a forigner trying to identify French writers and actors that you’ve never heard of, and while trying to propel a team into a winning position against a clearly culturally stronger team including Cédric? I was not impressed, it was highly embarrassing, but so much fun!

As a sort of random mention, on the even of going to Lyon, we watched a film, which I fell asleep for the beginning, which was about the famous Asterix, a comic book character. I stole Cédric’s Canada hoodie and pretended to be ghetto. It’s result is both cute, and highly amusing. I’m so white it hurts, no seriously! Second photo, which was taking during our Saint Étienne eating party, was me licking it, and licking it good. It’s so odd to see me in such a photo, considering how heinously aseuxal I am. It amused Cédric, probably too much, but that’s another story altogether!

The following days consisted of lounging around, watching films, and partaking in guilty pleasures which won’t be discussed. It was a turning point, and the beginning of great things, while still at the same time resting, and trying to get work done before going back to work. I’m happy to announce that I was very content for a short period, and felt very comfortable in the city of Lyon. Where else could I possibly install myself into, we wonder? At least there, I know I’d have a great group of friends, and a lot of things to see and do!