The days passed in Saint Étienne like the wind, and spending time with Sylvaine constantly jokingly hitting on me, and helping her with her English, with Madelaine disappearing to get into some weird antics, and playing Scrabbe, and Trivial Pursuit in French it was a lovely time. A friend from the aïkido studio, Penda, joined us for some more dinner and we had a good laugh. No photos will be posted because I looked like a heinous-cow. We looked over poetry, and drank and ate copious amounts. I taught the girls how to say dirty words in English and what they meant, and then we went off to bed. The next day we would go to Chris’ parents for dinner, which involved lots of talking and me being vousvoyer-ed for the first time in three weeks, and then our New Year’s evening which will arrive in the subsequent post.