Boxing day, as it’s called in Canada, was a long and lovely day as expected. Chris was joining us in Cadolive until we left on Sunday, and thus since he arrived in Aix-en-Provence TGV, we had to go pick him up, come back home for lunch, and then go back to Aix, to show it to me. Before we left Matchu, and Mereille (mother) arrived for some coffee and for a Christmas meeting. We rudely left to pick Chris up, and of course I looked and felt like shit! We picked up Chris, made our way back to the house for a lovely left-over Christmas lunch, and then we went back to Aix (crazy I know!).



We walked around the super chic city, which is frankly quite snobbish, and then we went into a really nice café, did some people watching (which is a national pass-time), and continued our journey. We stopped off at several churches, monuments (that were all closed of course, contrary to what Cédric thought), and shopped for thumb-ring for me. I found one I liked, and we were off.

We spoke of social classes, which I don’t understand, and of course of the chic-ness of the people in the city. There were little crests that were everywhere, that you can see above which (if you’ve seen the Da Vinci Code) resemble the lines in that film, but have no relation what-so-ever. We dove into a FNAC to find a case for Cédric’s new iPod-Nano, and I looked at Wii games, wishing one day to experience the madness that I’ve missed out upon.


We came back to the house quite late and had decided on eating fondue, yes that’s right. I got to have fondue à la Bourguignonne, which is meat cooked in hot oil. It was devine, and I felt like I was going to die because it was so good. It is so social too. Thérès joined us again, as planned, and it was a lovely fun evening. The evening was basically spent with Agnès and Cédric making fun of me loving fondue so much! I loved it.