We woke up the next day, basically all hung over and tired, and were off to the town of Miramas to celebrate with father’s side of the family. I was aprehensive, because I figured that things couldn’t go more smoothly than the previous evening, and of course I was right. Angès was late getting up, Cédric was the last in the shower, and thus we were sort of late but not really. After about an hour and a half crammed in the car, we arrived to the gorgeous clearly upper-bourgeosie house, which we only saw the anti-room (for guests). It was awkward with this family as they weren’t very social, and I wasn’t spoken to at all. I basically looked at my food and ate, and it lasted five hours at the table. It was truly, a lovely-food nightmare. Lucky for me I was placed between Thérèse, Cédric (my saviour), and across from Madelaine, the Corsican girlfriend of one of the aunts. She spoke to me, butchy, and wouldn’t stop talking about their voyage to Corsica, and it wasn’t awkward because we were both ned additions to the family, and so it was an easy way to connect.

Alcohol was pouring, sadly, in this family, and Angès resisted having fights with aunts and uncles (more difficult than you can imagine). How did she manage? By basically falling alseep! So this is what we ate, and it was devine, but my God was I bloated and felt like I was going to be sick. People kept telling me that I’m not obliged to eat, but my God people, of course I’m obliged to eat what’s put in front of me, otherwise it’s just plain rude damnit!

Apéritif : Feuilletés, brochette de pruneau au lard
Entrée 1 : Fois gras
Entrée 2 : saumon fumé
Entrée 3 : vol-au-vent
Plat : chapon farci accompagné de fagots de haricots verts, endives à la crème
: salade
: fromage
Desserts : îles flottantes, bûches aux fruits, fruits frais, fruits secs, pompe à l’huile, chocolats, biscuits secs.
Café + digestif.

Just thinking about the food makes my stomach turn. We piled back into the car, after members of the family were slightly drunk, and awkward, and went back to our little village. I fell asleep, and heard some things in my sleep that made me sad, but apparently it was amusing because Angès and Cédric thought my head was going to fall off from swaying so much. Note to self: try not to touch people, ever. The day ended with a little mental breakdown before going to sleep, and picking Chris up the next morning.