The magical day has arrived, the day when everything is happy and all of Europe celebrates (more or less). Although there are many non Christian families in Europe, I even saw some foreign people at the stores. Yes that’s right, on the night where Santa comes, Cédric still needed to do some shopping. I couldn’t help but laugh at him, but we descended into Marseille and to the Fnac (great place), and I was correct (surprise surprise). He was thinking that it would be a mad house, and how stupid he was for leaving everything to the last moment (correct), but there was hardly anyone there. The people were kind and gentle, and we managed to get there and back within the hour.

We found a book, some DVDs, and good-looking people on whom we could focus our attention. Apparently I stare, but not more than French people. My staring seems to linger a little bit more, or is put into little blotches, or glances as I like to call them. Cédric commented on this, and I rebutted that I’m not the only one and that Mediterranean people are more invasive than I. We laughed and went into a natural store where I think I could set up camp and live in. It had those awesome UV lights for people that have season depression, I thought to buy one but then saw that it would put me down about 300€ so I thought I better think of taking a monthly plan in order to make my life more functional.


After arriving back home and preparing for dinner that Martine was getting ready for her side of the family, I got dressed and prepared to be awkward all night with the family. Here is what we ate, whilst we discussed, laughed, and had a lot of wine and food:

Apéritif : Toasts de saumon fumé + feuilletés
Entrée 1 : Foie gras et oignons confis
Entrée 2 : crevettes flambées au pastis
Plat : filet de bœuf, sauce Madère, accompagné de fonds d’artichauts et petits pois + pommes dauphines.
Fromages :
Desserts : Charlotte aux marrons, bûche au café, fruits frais, fruits secs, pompe à l’huile, chocolats, biscuits secs.
Café + digestif.

Needless to say, after the four or five hours there I was a little bit tired, and drunk. The glass you see above you was filled many times, and even Cédric was making fun of me; totally not fair. Not fair at all. So what, it’s the holidays, and the wine is good? Is that a punishment to have a little? Santa visited the little ones, and I straggled off to bed once we cleaned up a little bit. It was well into the night, and the shame was that we had to get up the next morning to visit the other side the family; holy geepers! Merry Christmas too all!