I was rummaging through my room a few minutes ago and I came across something that made me stop. Firstly, let me set the mood: I’ve been watching random films and sorting through photos, and listening at this present moment to Estonia’s Eurovision entry for 1997, Maarja-Liie Ilus singing Keelatud maa. With this music playing in the background, I found something that was mailed to me last year, during the always depressing time of my life: my birthday.

I turned 22, and a few days before I found something in the mail from a most-un-expected source. It was a simple envelope, with a single piece of paper on the inside and a page taken from the infamous Rick Steeve’s Survival Guide for Europe. For those of who know me well, or at least enough about me to connect the dots, this was the book that we used in the Cinque Terre. The page that was taken out was the map of the region with a bunch of little comments written in, all of which made me smile and laugh a little to myself.

And so now you know what I found whilst looking through my things. With the harmonic structures of the music, the nostalgic picture sorting, and these documents I find myself on my bed in tears reminissing about what my life is like and what I’m doing with it. I guess the only silver lining with that whole situation is that I’m someone’s backup plan should they be desperate at age 30. Words that I will never forget: “If you’re still alone when you’re 30, give me a call and we’ll work it out.”

For those of who do not know, age thirty for people like me is basically death and/or old age.