What a miserable day I had. For the first time in nearly two weeks I woke up at an hour past 09h00 and thus I was feeling a little more well rested than normal. As a result all of my classes were most enjoyable and I had a lot of fun with my students. One debate, and then some other game activities, and chocolate, all while hearing the major gossip stuff that’s going on at lunch at the teacher table. It’s amazing what one can learn by just sitting back and eavesdropping on a neighbour!

What brought on this good mood? Mostly because I was surfing the internet and came across, on YouTube the film, Peter Pan, the musical with Mary Martin. This is a musical that I would watch time after time and dance, sing along to when I was a kid in the basement. I’m sure that my parents were driven crazy with the sounds of this film; however it made me happy so shush. Seeing Mary Martin prancing around in tights singing about how happy it is to be in Neverland made me happy and probably contributed to my awesome mood.

In any case, also I was happy since I was to meet some fellow CouchSurfers in Caen. I hosted a couple of American’s this week, and it was good fun. Playing host and cooking for people is something I really like, and so it was enjoyable on all fronts. I waited all afternoon until the moment of meeting, and then set off in search of the bar, in the pouring rain. By the time I got to the centre of town I was soaking wet, and I started to walk around the castle looking for it. After the third circling I couldn’t find it, my socks were all wet, and I felt miserable. I set off home in a bitter mood, and composed an email to send to the other meeting people to appologise for not being able to find it. In all fairness, the name “Le Bar Ché” was not listed anywhere and thus impossible for me to find.

I’m just a tad bitter, especially because it was a chance to meet some townies that aren’t homeless!