Desperate Housewives is the greatest show ever made, hands down. I simply have to outline a few awesome lines that I have encountered, and found myself laughing out-loud hysterically. They are really silly and horribly out of context, but they are just fabulous regardless. It is important to note that in both of them, one of my favourite characters, Edie is involved. She is such a skank, and that’s why I love her. She’s smart, charming, and whorish; everything that I look for in an idol.


Edie: Well tell me anyways just in case you’re not saying I’m a big slut.
Brie: Come on Edie, you know… Carlos, Mike, Carl. You do have a way at picking away at other women’s leftovers.
Edie: First of all, I am not attracted to Orson. That would be like having sex with PBS.


Edie: See that’s the problem with the Brie’s of this world. They are too damn perfect. I mean, they don’t understand that people like you, and me… That we screw up.
Orson: This was no ordinary mistake, this was something terrible.
Edie: Was it something… gay?
Orson: What?
Edie: Of course it wasn’t, keep talking.

So like I said, aren’t they fabulous? Love it! And why am I watching old episodes of Desperate Housewives? I have nothing else to do since I am on vacation for the next week and a half. I have been watching the same movies and TV episodes for the last month and a half, and I feel as though I have worn them out so totally that I want to cry out and buy a whole new bunch of DVDs. Don’t worry, I will refrain, but got I need the internet so badly. I think I am actually going to die!