Yes that’s right folks, it’s never been a huge deal for me but this year I just flat out missed it completly. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t just not celebrate it, but as in I was completly oblivious to its existance! The day passed, even the weekend, without any noting of it or anything out of the ordinary. I suppose the only thing out of the ordinary is that I never know what bloody day it is. I rely too much on my Google Calendar.

So why could I have possibly missed it? Because of course I don’t have the internet and I can’t thus know what day of the week it is, let alone the actual calendar date. It’s truly sad for me and for my general existance.

Now its the holidays and, frankly and simply put, I am stuck in a hell-hole of a place with nobody around, cursed by the ‘calm’ appartment that has nothing to do inside except avoid the elusive roomate.

Am I thankful for anything, most certainly not!