There comes a time when somebody releases a film that is just so good that it blows everything out of the water and changes everything in your life. Well this has happend to me with a film that I can not stop watching, a film that I cannot stop thinking about, and a film that I just want to share with the world. I know that for some people it won’t be their thing, but it’s worth a try for anyone who is open-minded enough to enjoy a good film with a different type of story plot. Beware for many photos to be posted of this film, because I can’t stop thinking about it!


So what is this film about? It’s about a family in California, who surfs, and whos life changes forever when fateful events start taking place in their lives. They meet people, discover things, change their life, run from fear, explore the very depths of their emotions in order to find happiness.


So what happend when the main protagonist finds happiness? Well of course there is some conflict and emotional stress on the family, and everything comes crashing down, but thankfully this story is more inspirational than anything. The family in the ghetto that surpresses all odds to become happy and to live a life without worries.


So now that I’ve ranted and raved about this film enough I must explain certain things about it. I, naturally in my bitterness and moodyness, refer to this film as the heathen film for obvious reasons. It makes me happy, and extrodinarily sad all at the same time, and probably not for the reasons that people think. It simply represents a lot about someone’s life, and despite loving the film and hating it all at the same time, I can’t stop watching it, and I’m literally into my 100th viewing in the last few weeks. Seriously, I have no life!

Anyways have a gander if you please, but beware of cute little children and a rollercoaster of emotions therin!