Again I shit you not, readers. I’ve been to two weddings before in my life but this was my first wedding and reception that was going on! It was of my long-time neighbour who did her schooling in North Carolina. I was so excited for them since I knew her fiancé also, and I think they are so perfect for each other of course!

The Carlu

So dear mother and I decided to drive into the city and take transit downtown since parking would be a bitch. So we parked at Fairview Mall, also known as “Don Mills Stop” on the rocket, aka the subway. We made our way in, with my paranoid mother next to me. I swear she looked like she would have been mugged at any moment, but of course there was no risk on a sunny Saturday afternoon on our way to a wedding.

Sierpinski-Hill WeddingSierpinski-Hill Wedding

We decended from the train at the wrong stop and by consequence had to walk a long way down to get to the church, but we made it and weren’t the last ones, but the music was already playing. It’s okay since it took the brides-maides about 1 hour to make it down the isle, but it was a nice Polish-American wedding. We made our way down to the reception hall, The Carlu at College & Yonge and I progressed to sip wine and eat appetizers until I started to get a little tipsy.

Sierpinski-Hill Wedding Sierpinski-Hill Wedding

Dinner was fabulous and the waitresses loved me since I was so friendly. We got sort of put in a table of people that nobody knew each other so we chit-chatted and such. Announcements were made and then we were off to have a party; quite literally. Since the bride and groom were only 28ish all of their friends were young, and all the old-fogies filtered out and seemingly dissapeared within minutes of dinner being finished. The DJ started to crank the volume and then we broke it down; literally.

I had tons of fun and danced tons, caught up with some old tennis friends, one of which was Clint which I was exstatic to see, and then we danced some more. Shane’s girlfriend introduced me to this drink which tasted like cherry, so I was up at the bar too much. I think I was even flirting with the person making the drinks, but nothing can be proven or assured.

We ended up leaving at around 1.30am I think, and made it home after 3. I had the spins, but I def. remember walking down the streets of Toronto think “Wow, I need to do this more often sans mère.” I was hungover the day after, but struggled aroudn to do some concerts and things; it all turned out okay! I love weddigns and I hope that I’m invited to more, damnit!