Usch, it’s true. Here in Canada, the wretched land, the masses do not celebrate the summer solstice. The most excitement that came out on that day, was the radio announcer saying that it’s so exciting that the weather will be nice soon. 🙄 Lame0rz.

I want excitement, I want festivals, I want the traditional Midsummer festival that I had for the first time in a long time, last year in Uppsala! Alas this was not to pass; work consumed my existence from 05.30 until 19.00, and then I had my daily run, where my calves decided to cramp up and cause me pain, and then I laid down being the single most lame Swede known to mankind. This happened mostly because I had a bad day at work and hit was hitting the fan left right and centre, but it all smoothed over eventually.

Late in the evening my neighbours started to construct some type of wooden enclosure on our back deck; in preparations for his birthday party. Apparently the DJ is in our yard an the party in his, and there will be no rap or country all night. Methinks this might actually be decent! :DD In any case, I feel like I should cheat the system and celebrate the summer solstice today in lieu of yesterday, since it seems to better coincide with my neighbours 40th birthday celebrations. Nobody needs to know, but at least the readers of this blog know that I’m a horrible Swede, if anything.