So what happens when we graduate? Friday morning I left for New Brunswick via Air Canada, as usual, arrived in Moncton meeting Jaime to drive me to Sackville. We checked in and frankly I went right to bed.

The following day we went shopping and then we prepared for our Senior Prom, which no doubt would be scandalously more fun than my original high school Prom of 2004. Although I was the Prom King that year, I had hell of a lot more fun at this one. The above photo reflects the old me, looking formal and sun-liten. That’s the flashback, back to reality now…

We were getting reading whilst staying in Edwards House, and I had a little too much to drink, I suppose; we headed over to Hestler Hall. I met up with some people I haven’t seen for a month, and would no doubt ever see again, and we danced the night away. I met up with Rosheen, Britney, Molly, and Alyson, sans Andrea who already moved to Banff, and hit the floor baby. As you can see, I certainly can bust a move, but ya’ll ain’t seen nothing yet.

After walking around in a drunken haze, I found Amber, my true lover from Ottawa. We spent the year in Strasbourg together, doing scandelous things, and since she was doing her thesis this year she was so busy and we rarely got to see each other. We managed to squeeze in a dance or two before the amazing DJ upstairs shut down and we headed downstairs to the sketchy pub.

The next day we decided to go to Joey’s for a celebratory dinner with Jaime, and Dorothy. We got a little hyper, and they had some sangrias while I pretended to be drinking, with water which was decked out with the garnishes of alcoholic beverages. All of this was leading up to Monday graduation where we would sit for hours and hours and listen to names.

I managed to find Natalie Monday Morning, my lover from French classes, and we hung out and caught up on what we were doing and took some photos. Although I didn’t take many photos at grad, since the camera failed and mother and Sharon were unable to function it correctly, I managed to squeeze away from the awkwardness of photos and get my diploma framed, and who did I see there, but Natalie, who begged me for a photo. Luckily it turned out, and we are all hot.

The following day we departed for Shediac where I had lobster for the first time in my life, as it is the lobster capital of the world… who knew? Anyways, we headed home Tuesday morning in a haze of 16 hour car ride, with the boring scenery of Canada in the spring. We nearly crashed in Montréal, but made it to sketchy Cornwall for food, and then home for the evening.