Tonight’s semifinal was absolutely amazing. I didn’t think that it would be so good, but I have to say that the first 4 songs are so amazing that it left me speechless. Not only that, but it was very entertaining in general, which makes it all the more interesting to watch and want to vote!

Iceland – Euroband
=> Qualifier
❗ Personal Favourite
I am left speechless, simply speechless. Iceland has got it together, and after their seemingly million semifinals they managed to get a song, not only that is good, but that Europe votes through to the final. I’m in love. I love pink, I love the singers, I love the song, and it’s just fabulous. I need to find the pink shoes because they are so hawt, but also I want all of their outfits. I sing this song on my way to work; no jokes! I so want to be Icelandic right now, my god!

Sweden – Charlotte Perrelli
=> Qualifier
❗ Personal Favourite
Toppat i silver; frankly. It’s a former winner back to try to claim the title. After the absolutely amazing win in this year’s Melodifestivalen, Charlotte took the stage as a favourite and came through. I’m so glad that there are some schlagger songs left and that make me so happy and feel like I want to belt. The singing was decent, but not as good in the Swedish final, but they managed to make it look good on stage. My only concern is that she’s still looking like a little bit of an ogre on stage; but still hawt.

Turkey – Mor ve Ötesi
=> Qualfier
Well I can’t help but say that this rockish type song is actually pretty decent. It’s not filled with sketchy Turkish people also; which makes it a major plus! The guy is actually half decent looking, and can actually sing, which makes it all endurable. It’s not surprising that he made it through either, with all the Turkish diaspora of course; but this one actually deserved it unlike other stuff in the past.

Ukraine – Ani Lorak
=> Qualifier
❗ Personal Favourite
This song… is … so … hot … I think I just got myself all wet from this performance. It has absolutely everything, and this is so clearly the favourite to win the competition, in my humble opinion. The song is catchy, well sung, absolutely huge hit, the dancing is complex and entertaining, and it’s just plain sexy. She’s gorgeous, she’s wearing a similar dress to Charlotte, but pulls it offer better, has steeper and hawter shoes; and a dance troop that is better than Sweden’s. This is some tough competition, and this damn well better win, so help me schlagger.

Lithuania – Jeronimas Milius
Where did this guy come from… seriously? He looks a bit scary, and sings better than in the video (sorta), but the song is so heinously awkward no wonder he was the only one on stage. Where did Lithuania go wrong here, because this is heinous. Although it is better, like I said, he actually is a horrible singer, and it’s no doubt that it crashed and burned on stage. Oh well, it’s still not bad enough to make me give it a “go home” rating.

Albania – Olta Boka
=> Qualifier
Why did people vote for this? I fail to see anything exciting or important about this entry. Olta has her eyes closed for most of the song, and I have no idea what’s going on. Her voice is pleasant and sweet, but I just don’t understand. Europe, where did we all go wrong?

Switzerland – Paolo Meneguzzi
❗ Personal Favourite
This is by far the hugest upset of the entire competition. The song is so endearing, fun, and well sung. On top of that, we’ve got an Italian-Swiss singer who’s actually decent, and the country put some effort to send a good song; and Europe rejects it for shit other songs like Croatia, and Albania? I don’t understand. I just want to run up to him, give him a huge hug and kiss and say “Ciao” and apologies for everyone else’s stupidity. Vote for the music, bitches, cause you’re pissing me off more than anything! I’m so in shock, and I feel heartbroken because No era stupendo

Czech Republic – Tereza Kerndlová
Czech Republic
Hmmm. This song is dated, like seriously. However, huge improvement from their début year, I must say. The skanky dancers wearing basically nothing dancing around the stage is annoying, and also the DJ who’s singing out of key. You can tell they put a lot of effort in, cause there were pyrotechnics, but usually that’s just the wannabes doing anything that they can to get some votes. Keep up the improvement you crazy Czechs, and you’ll do better, I promise!

Belarus – Ruslan Alekhno
What the hell was this? I don’t understand what is on stage, and this guy is hideously ugly. I’m trying not to seem too superficial, but this is absolutely horrendous! Save me, please! Go home Belarus, and don’t come back until you have a decent song, golly!

Latvia – Pirates of the Sea
=> Qualifier
❗ Personal Favourite
Disturbingly catchy, and heinously cheesy, Latvia jumps the plank with a sketchy entry and actually qualifies in the top 10! Clearly an Aqua, Latvian rip-off, the children’s song is quite entertaining despite the horrible dancing and sketchy singing of some of the backup singers. I have to say that I’ve never seen so much lip-gloss on a pirate before, and the main singer wears more eye-liner than me, and that’s disturbing!

Croatia – Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents
=> Qualifier
I keep getting the impression that Croatia only has old people in their country, because year after year they send the dinosaur singers to compete, and oddly they do well. What is with that, when the largest upsets of the competition make it through, and then weird shit like this gets past the public. This year we can’t blame regional voting, but secretly in my mind I will, just because I’m bitter. Go home to Zagreb, and come back with at least Slavic ballad, next year!

Bulgaria – Deep Zone and Balthazar
What a lovely dress she has on, but it just doesn’t cut it despite the decent vocals and entertainment factor. The Bulgarians will always be a bit odd, but they still have decent music since their début last year. Maybe they will come into themselves, and give us a hit to send us back to the Slavic region!

Denmark – Simon Mathew
=> Qualifier
There is a lot of Scandinavian chatter about this song, but I find it heinously annoying. He’s a good singer, decently looking, but the way that the press made it sound is that he’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread, but I like sliced bread better. The singing is good, but I feel like it’s strained and although his outfit is cute, it just doesn’t garner me to want to vote for the always sexy Danes…

Georgia – Diana Gurtskaya
=> Qualifier
Good message with the song, but I don’t see what anyone else sees. There isn’t anything special about this song, nor the performance, but alas it goes on to the final. Some things I will never understand.

Hungary – Csézy
❗ Personal Favourite
What a lovely ballad, comparing to the harshness of last year’s jazz number. I don’t know what Europe didn’t like about it, because I’m impressed and even think that it’s better than the other ballads that are around! Maybe it was so late in the show that people were uninterested after the long string of boring entries?

Malta – Morena
Malta always has cheesy songs about random topics, but I sometimes wonder if they actually speak English, because their English singing is always really iffy. This song doesn’t feature much, and luckily wasn’t over-promoted, but it still flopped. Floppity-flopp-flopp indeed!

Cyprus – Evdokia Kadi
In all fairness and honesty, I don’t even remember this entry; so it must have been boring, ’nuff said.

F.Y.R. Macedonia – Tamara, Vrčak and Adrijan
F.Y.R. Macedonia
Thank goodness that for the first time in a long time, the monster name of Macedonia won’t be read at all in the final of the voting results. It’s just as well, other countries deserve a chance, and this time it’s not yours; come back next time, muy muy we love you!

Portugal – Vânia Fernandes
=> Qualifier
Who do vulumptuous portugese women exist? For Eurovision of course! I don’t know why this scored so well, because I’m not fond of it, but I seem not to be mainstream anymore, as I mostly just like my dated dance and schlagger stuff. Leave me alone. But I will say something positive: she manages to hide the fact she’s so huge quite well; great wardrobe choice, but overdone make-up; eeep!

What a night! A few disappointments, but it was a good show regardless; and now the final is to come in a few nights. The weekend of my graduation, however will I manage to fit everything in?!