So what have I been doing with my time as a university graduate. Watching a soap-opera of course. Since the olden days of Days of Our Lives that my babysitters used to force me to watch – oh the premenitions of Celeste, or the crazyness of Marlena and her amnesia that never seemed to be cured.

What is my new obsession, thus? As the World Turns of course. But I must admit, along with religiously watching The View everyday at kl 10, I watch Youtube compilations of a certain storyline in ATWT (as the fans call it). What does this mean for me? That I don’t need to waste my entire life actually watching the show, and that I can just watch the clips of the story line that make the episodes about 10mins long, and arriving every week or so with the content that I want.

Just another NUKE fan loggin off; till death do us part!

Whoah random, but that totally reminds me of BB9 this year, that was a total lame-ass ending, that I “watched” via the blogs. That means that for a few months I didn’t actually watch the show since I didn’t have TV, and thus payed attention and voted on such via blogs; aren’t they just the greatest things ever?

[Rethorical question: don’t answer]