En route to fly to Toronto, I am sitting here in the Moncton Airport after a very sad series of events that I will outline in the following few moments. My friend since first year, Andrea, drove me to the airport when I called to see if she could, but I learned upon calling her that she was moving to Banff for the summer to work as a hostess in a hotel. She hadn’t mentioned anything until then, so I thought it would be perfect to catch up before I never see her again (probably).

We gosspped in the car, about my intrigues that involved a secret person who I met late at night at the swan pond for conversations and the like. I do remember getting near frostbite three of the four times, but I believe it to be worth it in the end. It eventually got me to visit the Confederation Bridge for the first time; quite the exciting experience.

In any case, we were talking and we basically just said our goodbyes and I signed in. They put me on standby for some reason, but I’ve got my ticket now so I don’t need to worry about not getting on the plane. It’s my biggest fear, of there being a booking problem and then all my plans fall through, especailly since all of my stuff was moved out yesterday and I spent the better part of the day laying on the floor and helping my friend Amber move into my house.

I won’t be back to Sackville until Convocation weekend which will prove to be interesting to say the least. Senior Prom, to which I will go alone, like my first prom, Parent’s Pub Night, and the rest of hte ceremonies. Bascially I’m flying back a few days early and staying in residence before my mom and Sharon arrive in order to party and celebrate with my colleagues and whoever is left that I recognise (let’s hope more than I can imagine).