What is it that I most dislike about people? Well there is a plethora of things that all add up putting me into a foul disposition; on a daily basis. My days are more or less up-and-down, never feeling that I am at a constant mood or feeling. But in recent days I have found that certain people are becomming more “out-to-get me” or are becoming more and more unresponsive. I shall cite examples.

What is a friendship, or even a relationship between colleagues? Communication is something very imperative, but I find that people are not only unresponsive, but unreliable. It’s very selfish to think that I should do everything myself, but in real life we have to rely on other people, however, when people are always failing on you then it’s so pointless and unproductive.

When you feel like you’re talking to a wall for your whole life, you start to find yourself become more and more reclusive and unresponsive. I’m not a reclusive person by any means, I’m very communicable, but when I find that it’s always one-sided, in other words like talking to a wall, it poses me great distress. What is the point in developing any type of “relationship” when conditions are such like this? If I’m going to have a one sided friendship or relationship, I might as well take my attention to my whale, who no matter how much I’m ugly or horrible, will never disinclude me.