The day has come to chose our selection to go to Eurovision this year; will it be glamour-rock, schlager, folk-rock, hip-hop, or a ballad? All of these choices are good, and I must say that this is one of the strongest finals that I’ve seen in recent years. I would vote for nearly everyone, if I could!

Charlotte Perrelli – Hero
Winner; to Eurovision
Personal Favourite


The artist formerly known as Charlotte Nilsson is here, with a new name, a new song, and a brand spankin’ awesome chance to go to Eurovision. Not only is it a love for the juries, but in my humbly-awesome opinion it’s the best song there this year. It’s go lights, it’s got sparkles, it’s got voice, it’s got harmony, it’s got key changes, it’s got dancing, it’s just fantastic! I have ranted and raved about it, and even in Eurovision it has a chance! Heja Charlotte!

Sibel – That is where I’ll go


Well performed, but a mistake to come to Globen through Andra Chansen. She had no chance up against Sanna, and her song wasn’t frankly good enough either. She was completely forgotten by the juries and nearly forgotten by the televotes. Even her Idol-power couldn’t save her; but it’s just as well!

Rongedal – Just a minute
Personal Favourite


An excellent placing and performance for this number, one of the most fun of the competition. The juries and televoting were generous, but not enough to bring it into second place like I would have liked. Even still it’s a great radio-hit that will be on the radio for weeks and months to come! There ain’t nothin’ wrong with rockin’ down with ya twin broz!

Linda Bengtzing – Hur svårt kan de va


She’s one of my favourite Swedish artists, but just not in Melodifestivalen. She seems to over-do it, and she didn’t take my recomendations from the semi-final. The outfits were way weird, and she sitll looks like a punk meets pop disaster! At least she can sing and didn’t forget her words, though! Totally shafted by the public though, and even had the nerve to talk about it to the newspapers!

Christer Sjögren – I Love Europe


Unfortunately this song is catchy; cause it’s a damn shame that people actually voted for it. I guess the older population of Sweden banded together to take over and give him some points. I scoff at them, but really, doesn’t that back-up singer look a little bit like Carola? It’s creepy! Christer, you can love Europe from home, it’s better off that way, we already have neough joke acts in Eurovision this year! Kthx!

Amy Diamond – Thank You


This song just gets under my skin. She sound so much better in recording, but the whiny-undeveloped voice that is just seemingly straining all the time is just too much for me to handle. She did well for her first year and as a youngster, but thank goodness it didn’t place very high. That would just be disturbing, frankly!

Sanna Nielsen – Empty Room
Personal Favourite


Sanna has taken her spot as the new and better Carola in the hearts of Swedes. She is a great singer, and after countless times in Melodifestivalen she’s building momentum to take the whole thing! Her power-balad left a strong impact on the the voting results and nearly came out on top; only thirty or so votes between her and Charlotte. Great job Sanna, come on next year!

Nordman – I lågornas sken


This song is growing on me, mostly because it has a burning girl, a creepy man, and a nyckelharp! What could be better, well obviously schlager! The folk-ness of this song makes it more enjoyable for me, but I wish that Sarek could come back and take their place!

Frida feat. Headline – Upp och hoppa


Well she kept it together and performed, and even highlighted the absolute cuteness of Headline, aka Lariemar Krokvik. Even that’s a hawt name, golly! However, this song has grown on me, I actually find myself singing (minus accent from Skåne) along with it! That’s scary, since I’m too white to rap!

BWO – Lay your love on me
Personal Favourite


Another masterpeice from Alexander Bard, the attention whore. This year they weren’t so whiny about things, and the song was attractive, fun, and well polished like professional musicians. I have to wonder though how many times they will try before giving up like Andreas Johnson has threatened. Will they be emo, and just quit altogether just because nobody makes them win?

Maia Hirasawa – The Worrying Kind


Three cheers for the interval act by Maia Hirasawa and her little brass ensemble. The song is so hauntingly beautiful and simple musically, but her voice and tone make it even more interesting. I wonder where SVT found this girl, because she’s wonderful chioce for this competition. I just keep watching it over and over, singing along and wanting to transcribe it out in Sibelius with the brass part, because it’s just haughting!! Three cheers for SVT and Maia!

Well the winner, won, and the losers, lost, all is well that ends well this year. Next stop: Belgrade for two semi-finals (snore) and grand final! See you in a few months for the uptake of Eurovision!!