Andra Chansen happened and it’s filled with crazy stuff that went on, and I’m about to review it so that we get our line up for Globen together.

E-Type & The Poodles – Line of Fire


I’m a bit taken aback how poorly this sounded today. Although it did sound better than the screaming that was going on in the semifinals, I’m glad that it didn’t make it through here. I just can’t get into it at all.

Sibel – This is Where I’ll Go



She sings well, with a strong voice, but this song is terribly awkward. I don’t get it, and she still didn’t change her god-damned dress! She looks so awkward on stage, and the song is just a little too over the top to do anything for me. She kicked some butt tonight, but still, I would have preferred to see Ola in Globen instead of her.

Ola – Love in Stereo


In all honesty I’m not a big fan of Ola, but I think this song is heaps better than Sibel’s, which is a shame since he didn’t make it through. The boy is very appearance conscious, and still sort of acts arrogant the whole time. I just don’t like how he’s perceived. The song was sung better each time, just it lacked a whole lot of flare that makes me scream out in awesomeness. Better luck next year, Ola.

Caracola – Smiling in Love
Personal Favourite


It’s only fitting that my favourites never make it, but it’s not surprising. This time around the song was sung with flare, and a lot more fun. They are quite talented, but I thought that they would change their outfits a bit. The fact that they didn’t make me a tad bit sad!!

Johnson & Häggkvist – One Love


Left in the first round, it seems that Androla has been dumped, and everything backfired. Her skirt was cute, Andreas looked as he normally does, but the song was actually better sung tonight. She wasn’t wailing as usual, and it sounded some-what music, however, the past few weeks of negative press was bound to catch up with them. Nobody likes someone who’s over-confident, and emo about losing, or being bumped to Andra Chansen, so you loose. Fierce, bitches!

Nordman – I Lågornas sken


I’m not surprised that they took out Androla, but I am surprised that they beat Suzzie; sad sad day. The song was better, they were excited, but really people? I can’t wait to see the voting results in numbers to see what the heck went on here!

Thérèse Andersson – When You Need Me


It appears that operatic pop has been left in the lightning and dark this year, sorry girl. The song was lovely, and your little doggie is cute, but I must say that when Suzzie defeated you, you mouthing “fan” was incredibly obvious! I love it; but at the same time you took it well; how professional, unlike Androla who were shocked and rude!

Suzzie Tapper – Visst finns mirakel
Personal Favourite


Suzzie, I love you. I love your singing, I love your attitude, I love your song, plain and simple. You were so close to taking everyone else out, but you came out a bit short. I would have loved to see you in the final, but alas your song will remain with me forever. You seem so surprised each time you make it on, and sort of neutral about it, but I did notice that with each performance you became more into it and seemed a lot more happy; even smiling in the final reprise! Don’t ever change; I love your voice, and your maturity in the situation!!

So next week is the big day; I’m excited, but super-busy and all. We shall see what’s going to be going on, but I hope that some positive things will come out of the final, ergo Hero! Otherwise I’ll be sad, or perhaps I’m just being irrational right now. 🙂