Since it’s such a fantastically amazing song I had to make some other observations about my favourite song Hero sung by Charlotte Perrelli this year at Melodifestivalen. It was fab, and all can be found in my previous review of the semi-final; but here are some other comments about the best part of the song.

Right after the bridge we have a reprise of the chorus, and the most amzing Swedish camera workings, ever! It screams Melodifestivalen, with the walking to the side while the camera is panning off with it; it’s just so simple but so effective. So what leads up to this sequence of events?


Found in the above screencaps is the to-the-beat point up, point side and then….


Like the fabulous dancer and singer she and they are, the point down followed by the pan to the side whilst singing the chorus. Absolutely amazing; frankly. Have a good laugh about it whilst I’m struggling in classes today; but seriously, this shit is the best, I swear.

So what do I think, as a random sidenote right now about the final? Hero all the way, Just a Minute to follow, rounded up by One Love. I am just reaction irrationally, but seriously. I listen to this song every night before bed, and ever morning whilst waking up, and then I’m singing it all day while in the conservatory of music driving everyone crazy.

It’s just too damned good to pass up!