Holy shit, mothafucker I don’t even know what to say? This is Melodifestivalen at it’s best!! Ranging from the band opening, to the amazingly eclectic music to follow, I have been speechless since watching the final eight songs of the year!

Niklas Strömstedt – För många ord om kärlek


This is a song that I think started out awkward and finished awkward. Something didn’t look right about it, and the weirdness throughout just made me feel like it was too strange. I’m not fond of the song, but it makes sense that it came last; sadly.

Calaisa – If I Could
Personal Favourite


This song hurt my ears the first time I heard it, but each time that I review it, it sounds better to me. It’s country, something that Swedish signers aren’t good at, but it’s done quite well. The fake instrument playing bothers me though; it’s so obvious that the fiddle isn’t being used, as she’s not even putting the bow to the strings while it’s sounding in the music. It irritates me enough to mention it, but I still like this song. The vocals are quite nice also; and girlbandy-without being too weird!

Daniel Mitsogiannis – Pame
Personal Favourite


Henrik Wikström, I love you, I swear. The songs that you spit out are fabulous, and one day I hope that you read my odes to you and your songs; because there is another one coming up, I can assure you. Our little peter pan, did well here. The song is happy, fun and has a lot going on visually. I’m resisting the temptation to do as Aftonbladet and post pictures of the obvious bulging in his pants, which clearly outlines his, and all the dancer’s penises, but it’s got to be said. Those pants were too tight, or he should have tied things down, because there are some things that aren’t good for family viewing. Otherwise this performance is A+ song with an A+ performance.

Linda Bengtzing – Hur svårt kan det va?
Personal Favourite


Linda will always be a personal favourite of mine. Her music is so strange, but I love it and thus I buy her CDs, all the way from Sweden! She sings this great song with gust, power, flare, and confidence that is just brimming over even more than Carola’s attitude sometimes! I do have some quims with it; what the fuck are you wearing? It’s hideous, and the kilt / skirt thing on the guy is just distracting. Remove it please and make them all look less ghetto. It will bode better on your image; because you appear to be trying to be this rockish-girl gone Avril Lavigne or something that got mixed up with something… Scottish?

Nordman – I lågornas sken
Andra Chansen


This guy has always creeped me out; it’s just weird. The song is a bit folkish, with nyckleharpa and everything, but no group with such instrument can compare to the alltime great Sarek!! Ola Hertzberg will be my hero forever; for various reasons! In any case, the fire is a bit much, the dancers are over-the-top, but the song is catchy, which makes me sad. It’s not meriting a preferance star, but it basically stole Pame’s spot; poohie!

Sibel – That’s Where I’ll Go
Andra Chansen


Another Idol coming out strong, but God what were you thinking allowing yourself to sing a ballad, in that dress? It’s so awkward looking it makes me cringe. The image of you, a mildly attractive girl who can sing to boot, just isn’t right. It would be better with something more simple. However, Ola will kick her butt so it doesn’t matter. There isn’t enough room for more than one ballad in this years final, at least I hope. However, I wouldn’t mind if Suzzie Tapper makes it through; she’s my lovaaa!

Fronda – Ingen mår så bra som jag


Michael Claus what were you thinking? My god, I actually liked your music until I heard this annoying song. Frankly, Fronda looks like a mole who can’t keep his eyes open, and he’s screaming, jumping around telling us that none of us can feel as good as good as him. Not a good combo, at least not in my books. I managed to get a screencap where your eyes are actually open though; take it as the only compliment I give to you.

Charlotte Perrelli – Hero
Personal Favourite


I just need to take a moment to breathe. Okej, I’m ready. I freaking love this song more than anything in life right now. Go all the way Charlotte, holy shit! This song just clicks with me in every way and I love it. Although she looks like a monster on stage with the make-up (tone it down girl), the professionalism and amazingness oozes from this perforance. Frederik Kempe and Bobby Ljungren you rock my socks. The chorus, the verses, the bridge, it’s all just fabulous and it screams Melodifestivalen. The way that the walking from side to side is, and panning with the cameras just oozes SVT greatness. Please God let this song win, because not only can it win, but it can also actually do well in Eurovision. Let the schlagerfest begin, whoohooo!!