So for all those that ever doubted that there is such thing as Male PMS please consult other sources that may be of some assitance to you. I will provide you with an article written by Sam Fields regarding this phenomenon. It’s true that men don’t go through the certain aspects of women’s reproductive cycle such as forms of excretions, but if I have to hear one more woman rant off about how men don’t stuff from hormonal imbalances, I’m actually going to physically attack them.

Men, as women, have hormonal balances and often the balances are wack, resulting in irritability, mood swings, stomach cramps, and hot/cold flashes. There is nothing wrong with this, as it’s all the natural process of humans. I will conceed that in fact it’s probably not as painful as vaginal cramps, the suffrage that I endure ever three-to-four weeks is enough to drive the people around me, crazy, and for me to sink into emotional rollercoaster moments.

Male PMS does exist, and get over it girls. I never compared my non-existant vagina with you, nor will I ever, because I clearly stated stomach cramps. Apart from that, this is the end of my rant; although there are a few tangents to be taken from this period of emotional instability.

Firstly, I have been made known some information that frankly I didn’t want to know, and it has appeared to make me more bitter, and resentful towards humanity. Is it really necessary to flaunt certain aspects of one’s personal life in public, especially to whom one knows it bothers. I don’t want to know that one of my best friends recently entered a relationship, because it’s hurtful. Left-right-and-center people are happy, and it makes me bitter and jealous. Sure I should be happy for this said friend, but our relationship is far too complex for me to be able to just be happy for their happiness.

In addition, this homonal imbalance has triggered a return of the anti-man campaign that I seem to wage every few weeks. What will fix this problem – castration! Yes that’s right, watch out, because I’m going to be coming at you with metaphorical machetti’s to emasculate you all; no jokes! There is nothing more pleasing to me mind, than thinking that there is some way to rock someone to the core, specifically a group of people that are completely distant and impossible emotionally. As the queen of hearts said; cut off their heads, but subsitute heads for other reproductive organs, please.

Also, shoutout to Hei∂ar, my super-duper-old Icelandic friend, with whom I’ve been IRC buddies since the beginning of time, aka the emergence of the internet for me; circa 1998. That makes it a decade, mate, rock-on!

On a happier note, Melodifestivalen comes tonight and it’s seemingly going to be good; let’s hope it’s not so dismal as last week’s pathetic attempt at music.