Beep Beep… Comin’ in from Linköping now; and what really is a good adjective to describe what happened today? Major flop. What a terrible disappointment for a show; everything was just flat. The jokes weren’t funny, the songs were mediocre, it just didn’t have anything interesting; no drama at all!

BWO – Lay Your Love On Me
Personal Favourite


Glammer, fireworks, good vocals, it was just there and a sure win to go to Globen and be a top contendor for this year’s competition. The singing was a little bit shaky at the beginning, but it turned out okej. What the hell were they wearing though, seriously? Hair was all over the place looking retched, but it’s an upbeat disco song that makes me happy so go team!

Mickey Huskić – Izdajice


This song bothers me, and it’s not because it’s in Bosnian, but rather the voice and the political situation right now just creates a lot of mixed feelings. Didn’t look good on stage at all, but the singing was half-decent; still didn’t have a chance in hell. Why sing half of it in English? I think that it was a huge mistake on his part; whole thing should have been in Bosnian, in any case.

Frida feat. Headline – Upp o hoppa


This is heartwarming, but I can’t help but think that when Globen comes this is going to crash and burn. The performance is rapping, which I’m not a huge fan of, but at least it’s melodic rapping with some sort of fun message! In any case, at the final reprise Frida couldn’t keep it together and lost all of her semi-professionalism that she had. The fact that she just skipped over some verses was understandable due to shock, beating Pattypoo, but still I think that the nerves are going to get her and her ghetto outfit in Globen.

Thérèse Andersson – When You Need Me
Andra Chansen


What an interesting entry; what’s with all this operatic-pop that’s been going around recently? It’s almost scary wonder where it’s coming from. This performance was weird but very well done. I’m surprised that it was chosen again over Pattypoo, but what can you do right? Can’t win em’ all.

Patrik Isaksson & Bandet – Under mitt tunna skinn


Affectionally called Pattypoo by me, this longtime figure on the scene seems less desperate than I would normally peg him as. He always has his weird presence on stage that makes me just want to say “boo hoo get over it” but this time it was fun and he was trying something new. The faster the beats, the better in my opinion. I was just so surprised when it was down to him and Frida and she took it! Surprise, but not surprise in the end.

Caracola – Smiling in Love
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite


Put three girls in psychodelik colours, shove them on stage, make them sing and dance, and you’ve got yourself a great Melodifestivalen entry. I loved how it was fun, a bit of a struggle to listen to at times though, but who knows what will happen in Kiruna. I hope they use awesome colours again to show off their awesomeness.

Ainbusk – Jag saknar dig ibland


This song is painful to me. A painful ballad that had my ears ringing because of the horrible dissonances and out of tune singing that was going on. It turned out to be better shown on stage than I expected, but still.. My god, earplugs would have been nice for this. It was just so harsh, especially since ballads are supposed to be, I don’t know… Soft?

Eskobar – Hallelujah New World


Biggest flop of the competition hands down. This was expected to be at least decent, considering their international successes but quite frankly this whole song was a disaster waiting to happen. It wouldn’t end, it wasn’t catchy, I can’t even remember what it sounded like, and for a professional band the vocals are absolutely ghastly. What is most surprising to me, is that they came dead last, which means that clearly the population had nothing to think or say about this. I can’t wait for the voting results to come out; then we will really see what the numbers were.

All in all this is a horrible show; I hope that next week it’s better, cause they seem to be running out of things to do or say. In any case, I still haven’t gotten my hands on a tvrip of either Del. 2 or 3 so I can’t have screencaps yet. How sad.