Well after advertising my bandwidth desires to my housemates, and having a successful evening doing good things for humanity the day came to begin Sweden’s search for Eurovision’s entry this year. It was filled with me running throught the house and screaming with the amazingness that came. Luckily I managed to get the live feed to work in Linux, surprise surprise, and it didn’t crash and actually was amazing quality throughout. I’m surprised, and I’m not, but here we go… Hold on to’ya butts!

E-Type & The Poodles – Line of Fire

Andra Chansen

This is the first year that shiny things don’t work for me. I love E-Type, I sort of like The Poodles, but this song was a little iffy in my ears. If I have to hear the screaches of a rock singer one more time, I thought I was going to just die. I was cringing the entire time, but alas I’m not surprised that Andra Chansen was their fate.

Face-84 – Alla gamla X

This reminds me a lot of Cool Vibes from a few years ago, but it’s typical girl-bandish sort of melody. Nothing too strenious or out of there, and thus lacking anything exciting at the same time. It’s basically just a lull until we hit the good shit; schlager!

Velvet – Déjà vu
Personal Favourite

The schlager train arrived and I’m in first class, bitches. Not only was this song amazing to watch, but to listen to it just had me jumping around with my housemate on my bed. We loved it; I was out of words itw as so awesome. Great dancing, and even better strut from all the girls; I think that only I could marvel such an awesome ass-shake whilst walking across a stage! *swagger swagger* However, the choice of my countrymates is poor in sending her home, and as a result I think that maybe the schlager movement is over? If so, then I’ll just go jump off a bridge right now… End agreement: She was robbed, and it’s tragic.

Brandur – Lullaby


Cute boy, Icelandic looking, lazy eye, weird hair, plain song, and poor English. What’s up with that? It’s a sweet song, just it really lacks anything that makes it great. He’s a decent singer with odd pronouciations, but I think the fact that he’s a tiny little Faroese boy makes me giggle. I think it’s amazing; Faroe Islands represent *holla holla*. He almost made Amy Diamond look like a baby, even more than she did. Brandur, will you be my Facebook friend as well please?
Michael Michailoff – That’s Love
Personal Favourite

I’m striking out this year as it seems. I liked this song and how well it was sung. He has a nice voice, he’s fairly attractive, and had the quality of a Sebastian from last year; just with a little less class. I’m dissapointed that he did so poorly, but really in the end it doesn’t make much difference because it never would have won! The song would have been so much better if Andreas Johnson had sung it, because it’s similar to his other songs; but frankly he didn’t have a chance!

Amy Diamond – Thank You
To Globen

Well, I’m not surprised by anything that happend in regards to this act. I like Amy Diamond, on CD, but not in performance. She lacks vocal ability that’s not touched up, because the entire song she sounded winy like she was a baby crying for something. The song is catchy, and good, but it’s just annoying to see her prance around literally like a little girl, on stage singing a song that she clearly can know nothing about. If she was older, I’d be more pro-this choice, but alas I think that she stole the place of Suzzie Tapper.

Suzzie Tapper – Visst finns mirakel
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite

Pure brilliance, and that’s what I have to say about this song. It’s simple, empathetic, sung well, and mysterious all at the same time. Amy Diamond stole her place in the final, and as a result I’m sour. I do find it a bit disconserning that she seemed a little surprised with the result as well; is that really the message that she wanted to be sending out, shrugging her shoulders? Anyways; great job, please do well!

Christer Sjögren – I Love Europe
To Globen

Christer, Christer, Christer, what have we here. A cheezy song with absolutely ghastly text by Ingla Pling Forsman. What was she thinking, or on when coming up with this rubbish? Despite the fact that the music is a little weird, and the dancing is horribly cheesy with an old man that is three generations away from Amy (nearly), I think that it’s not surprising that Sweden sent him to Globen. I just can’t help but wonder.. uhm.. why? Anyways. As a side note; did anyone notice how one of the dancers looked like Carola *shudders*, creepy!

What do I think about Kristian Luuk? I love him, he’s so funny and awesome just like last year; however his English is a lot more poor than I realised. So poor even that Amy had a little bit of a brain-fart when trying to speak English. So why are we speaking both Swedish and English, and her awesome reply: “Vad?” Good save girl, good save, but next time play the British accent up more so we can actually hear it. 😉


Also I think that Björn Gustavsson, like everyone else, is amazing. Notice the attached photo of his virginity… right. And then I guess he was so into it, that he couldn’t help but display his goods on international telivision… Just plain wow.


Again I’m highlighting Suzzie Tapper’s shock, with this photo. Why really is she so surprised? This is one of my favourite songs of the night, except for the schlager numbers, of course. She has a deep voice, sort of which sounds like Eva Dahlgren, don’t ask me how I know this, it’s just intuition; I swear!