I live in Sackville, which I affectionatly call the deathtrap. What brings me to such an adjective such as this? Well it starts with the fact that Environment Canada had storm warnings up since yesterday afternoon, and when we wake up this morning at 07.00 there have been no plows or any sort of snow-cleaning up around the town. Not even on campus.

Thus by the time I left my house at 10.30 there still had been not a single plow on campus. This means that there were 4 other classes that had just as trecherous conditions. Several of my friends were even stuck in Amherst and Moncton because of the poor conditions. All in all it’s horrible.

What makes it worse is that towards the end of the day, the entire campus froze over since there has been no clean-up. That’s right, there is ice, and then it started to rain, so it was like ice pellets to the face.

I actually think my face is bleeding…

Ergo; not impressed.