So in the spirit of bilingualism I’m going to be writing about my experience with the bilingual examination that I wrote tihs morning, and commenting on the sucesses of Cinderella.

The test itself was difficult, with a dictée, dictation, essai, essay, compréhension audio/visuelle, and audio-visual comprehension. What makes it so difficult? The fact that we are expected to remember every little detail about everything humanly posisbly known to mankind about the subjects that we write about. The videos were dated from at least the 1960’s, and were as cheesy as a cheese pizza minus the tomatoes.

The dictation was ridiculus, as I haven’t done one in years. The French one was easier, but the English one was beyond horrific. Thank goodness I know how to spell “aloof” and “tenatiousness,” but there are some words that were so obscure that other anglophone people had never even heard of them.

Apart from that it went well, except for the examinator’s lisp in both English and French; it made pronouciation difficult to understand. She shouldn’t have been the one to do it, but alas there is nothing we can do. Now I await ’10 jours d’ici’ in order to obtenir les résultats of the examen.

Quoi attends-je? I have no idea, but j’espère que I do well. Okej enough with the poor imitation of Schiac usage; which apparently has it’s own lexical rules of which I’m unaware.

Tonight is the final evening for Cinderella, the musical that I’m conducting. I will post photos from our performances and group-pictures for the world to see of the people that I’ve grown to love and admire as musicians but also as friends. I just love them all, even if they don’t follow my directions all the time!