So it was going to happen sooner or later, I thought, but at least it was under the horrible circumstances of my revolutionary literature class. She failed me on unfair terms, in other words she interuppted my class and told me that it was due on a day that it wasn’t agreed on. I bascially went bitch on her, and walked away telling her to fail me.

She’s such a horrible person, but there is an upshot! I’ve picked up another course to overload and make up for it, and it’s a great class about feminist li terature. The prof is fab and the class is looking up; and all my crazy stuff is keeping me busy.

For all those whom don’t know, I’m the conductor this year for Garnet & Gold’s musical production of Cinderella. It’s amazing and I am having an awesome time with it. We have have two weeks until show, and we are making our way up closer and closer. Apart from this I’m doing all my academic stuff and keeping on top of things. Go me!

I’m taking a 10 minute nap and then going on to rehearsal, cause I’m a slavedriver and I have to know what’s going on, considering I’m running the entire show! Suck on that bitches!