To say that it’s truely the beginning is quite an exageration; but it is true in the context of the year, it’s the beginning. With plans up in the air, and flying back to New Brunswick on December 30th in hope for good things, nothing was concrete until the very last minute, and even then I wasn’t sure.

I came back to Sackville under the pretext of a party at my girl-friends’ house, as they are all from Amherst and were getting together with some of their friends. The storm that preceeded the day’s events hampered their plans slightly, since the Atlantic Canada had been hit by storm, after storm, after storm, after storm. In fact, to this day, the storms continue and snow continues to mount higher and higher, to a point that we are slightly trapped in our house.

So I was puttering around on the Eve of New Years with only a slight idea of what I was going to do. Markus was arriving into Sackville via bus, and I had sent him an e-mail days and days in advance to notify him of my plans. I wanted to see him before he went back to Victoria, I needed to talk to him, and I wanted to spend my New Years with him and his awesome friends. So at the time of about 22.30 I received notification that they had booked the Pub out for the evening, and that a small close-knit group of friends would be there.

I mustered all my strength and depreciated alcohol out for the evening and ran over to the pub, with an hour to spare until midnight, we chatted and had a riot of a time dancing with an empty pup. Tuned out to be scandelous as usual, but nobody was there to notice so it’s a-okay! After our count-down, and some time playing trivia and being dunkards, we went to Ducky’s.

This was preceeded with dancing in the streets, falling into snow-piles, laying in the middle of the roads, and general froliking between young people. I got to hang out with Lachlan for the time too, something I haven’t done in years. All in all, I was thankful that I got to spend my time with whom I wanted, and I even got to meet the famous Kyle Hill, our most recent Rhodes Scholar.

After literally laying around at Ducky’s, we came home as Markus was extrodinary tired, and had been falling alseep all night. The evening came to a close with the nippy wind blowing on our faces, and the huddling under blankets for warmth. When we woke up, it was far in the afternoon and we had more or less wasted a day; but it didn’t matter!

All in all it was a successful accomplishment of what I set out to do. I didn’t think I’d manage, but it all came together at the last moment. Go team!  

Happy 2008; all the best to everyone!