If there is one thing that really gets my jucies flowing, and not in a good way, it’s the mentions of the… *shudder*

ReSoLuTiOnS oF nEw YeAr
I really loath the mention and thought of it more than anything, and I wish that they would just go away! What does this all mean for me?

  • More people at the bloody gym
  • More people at my bloody yoga classes
  • More people bloody complaining about how fat they are
  • More procrastination for me to pick something to resolve
  • Probably more anxiety

I never believed in the resolutions, but when I think of a possibility, I’ll tell you. Right now, on the list will be to do with: anxiety, physical, and honesty. Notice a theme of mental, physical, and emotional? It’s clearly a plan to make myself well rounded. I’m not saying I’m fat, by any means, but I’m going back onto a salad and cheese diet as of… yesterday.

I just feel bleh and I want to feel good for New Years, not that I’m expecting anything or anyone. I’m going to do some “research” and find whom I want to spend my evening with.

If you know me, you’ll know immediately who it is…

Comment on your resolutions; I’d be happy to hear about them and see how others are doing