For those of whom actually read my blogg, you’d find that I updated a bunch of photos in various places and I’m doing past reviews of Eurovision entries that I now have the videos for. Watch out for all that awesomeness. Apart from that I had my exam on the 14th, and somehow managed to get all my papers in on time and get decent marks around. I have an essay to write over the hoildays because of a huge falling out I had with an unprofessional prof. No matter.

My dear friend Markus, with whom I stalked and hiked in Italy, joined me in Sackville and he cooked up a storm as promised! He is modest, but quite frankly he’s amazing at random cooking, it adds variety to my diet so I can’t complain in the least. We had nutella also, and words can’t explain the emotions that were flowing through me when I placed my finger into the mix…

Our bittersweet time together ended the following day, after we lounged around and did literally nothing for the entire morning/afternoon. He headed off to his friend Ellen’s who was visiting another friend (ironically a mutual friend of mine!). We decided that because it was the last day of exams we’d head out, him with his physics friends, and I with my… whoever I could get together! I got Emily, my American friend to come with me, since she wanted to meet him anyways. So we got there, and no doubt Markus was already really drunk and waking around half naked, it was hillarious.

The music was good, and I was dancing like a scandelous whore, but who cares since nobody was around! But then I got grabbed and there was a scandelous dance sequence that went on for about one hour. There was tension, oh yes tension, that’s not even a word strong enough for what was going on.

In any case, Markus and I agreeded that we’d meet at Bridge Street Café the next morning at 11.30 to rendez-vous with his family. That morning I struggled over to the café, and then sat there nursing a rice-cake for about 45 minutes wondering where Markus was. He arrived, and his family had been there staring at me the whole time wondering if I was the person they were looking for. The answer was yes. So he arrived and we had coffee and tea and such and a meet-and-greet, and then we were off to Nova Scotia, for the first time in my life!