I don’t often steal expressions from other people, nor use vulgar ones like the following but it suits me very well following an against univeristy rules final in-class evaluation. Since it’s larger than 20% it’s unable to be done in class in the final week of classes and thus illegal according to academic guidelines. I didn’t complain because I just don’t care; but the following expression works well…

 That exam raped me up the ass with a sand-paper condom and no lube; seriously.

Inappropriate, yes; funny to some, maybe; fitting to the situation, most definantly. The only other exam that I’ve ever bullshitted my way through more was Linguistics a few years ago; but this one was so precise that you had to know everything that it nearly made me panic.

Other cool academic things to note; my revolution prof got mad at me to today for being like a soldier and doing nothing like she constantly asks me. I guess I can’t win at all.

Now all I have to do is three essays, a bunch of concerts and recitals, and attempt to not have more anxiety attacks.

Someone invite yourself over to my place and bring a DVD you wanna watch; I’m open to suggestions and company!