I have been horirbly neglectful; but I have totally valid reasons for it, I swear! I had three finals, two presentations, and a recital last week, and after the week I just wanted to fall down and die. I also had choir rehersals, a choir performance on Saturday night, a practical blizard came through Sackville, and my life is a total mess.

The week just consisted of non-stressful anxiety attacks, whether it be from my horrible events in my social life, or because of the exams. I’ve become frigid for my revolutionary litterature class; I’ve never not cared so much about something in my life. I just as well might fail the class but it doesn’t bother me at all, because I’m sick of the teacher. Not only is she not professional, but I’ve lost complete interest in the course because I’m made to feel like a blump on a log.

It’s great for the confidence to have a professor constanly ignore you, say you’re stupid in a complex way, or not allow you to do anything. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’m not allowed to smile, breathe, move, or make sudden gesures because it’s too “disruptive.” So then I just as well not breathe, and then we’d be set; right?

Failed the two finals for that course no doubt; because I just didn’t care! Other than that, to celebrate my ridness of that heinous prof, I went out on Friday with Greg and Jody, and went to Jack’s after the pub. It was really fun, and I was happy because we just sorta lounged around and then had a great time dancing and talking. Apparently I talk too much, but it was funny. We have photographic proofs, and videos too…

As you can notice, the themes of th evening were scandelous, and gossipy; thus altogether debauchery! It was just classic, and a good night-all around. The following day, Saturday night was fab as well, as I went to the pub with Craig and Hussian, and we had this lovely pink drink, and then more fuzzy peach drink, and in a flurry of everything my recent love interest arrived. It made me have an anxiety attack, especially when people started calling their name while I was right there… WTF mates?

So I danced, and my crush was either checking me out, Hussian out, or someone behind us, but it’s highly unlikely. I saw them talking to Marianne, and I was going to go steal his spot when she left, but it didn’t happen and thus Osky fails, yet again. Amber was really drunk, and she got some dirt, none of which was any good anyways, so I’m still caught in this limbo state of the unknown and it’s driving me crazy.

I’m having anxiety attacks this morning, but at least I wasn’t stupid enough to poke random people on Facebook that I don’t even know! God; what an idiot I can be!