So I went out with yee olde friends tonight and well let’s just say it wasn’t so great; probably because I wasn’t planning on going out.

We went over to da Yorkie’s house and we just had some social moments, and then staggered over to El Pubo. I write this after returning because I really do need some venting. I have several things to say. The first of which includes my amazing meeting with black eyeshadow that can be used as eye-liner but is less obvious! Who knew?

Thanks to Rosheen I became a pro in 30 seconds flat, and even did my own better than her. Yes, our awesome friendship has come to the point where we share tips on beauty; or lack-there-of in my case. In any case I just wasn’t feeling the pub tonight; whether it be the music or just anything else it wasn’t my thing. I saw seventeen year olds there too; uhm how?! Anyways.

I got my ass kicked, and I mean that both a literal and a figurative way. In other words people were so agressively bitchy tonight that I just was being roughed up left right and centre. At one point I just wanted to flail around and push people away; but I held it together by screaming out “BITCH” at the top of my lungs and staggering around, not even in a drunken way.

One drink tonight didn’t do it for me, but it’s just as well because it would’ve been worse. I saw someone give someone else a piggy back; I think they were eyeing me whilst I was at the coat check. You know how I get away from weird situations like that? I stare at the ceiling because quite frankly there ain’t nobody good enough to take me home; seriously.

Or something like that.

I really just want to curl up and watch a film with a friend; but in a completely non-subjective way I’m saying this: nobody else fits on my bed. I’m not fat, but my friends certainly aren’t skinny, so there isn’t really good methodolgy of sharing a movie watching area in ma boudoire! Anyways, for anyone that is being remarked by this; I’m taking applications as of… five years ago. Nuff said.

Other random rant: Crystal what the hell is with wearing heels to the pub (by the way; heels that I can wear 10x better than you), and then taking them off, hiding them behind the door and walking around in bare-feet? There are rules against that because of glass and such; and guess what? She got cut, and then I got ditched by 5 people and was left stranded around girls falling, men having erection problems, and creepy people harrassing me.

I will fend them off with… eyeliner, and blush; or something.

End rant, and goodnight, or whatever. My life is so struggling right now it’s depressing, or something! :yawn: