Something that shocked me in the recent weeks is the massive flux of people coming to my yoga class on Sunday evenings. Right now, unfortunately, it’s the only class that I’m able to teach because Carmen has all the other times and there aren’t any other allowed classtimes that people can attend. But the turn-out for my, notably free class, is tremendous! I’ve never had classes this large ever; and they are often approaching thirty or fourty which is wonderful!

The thing that makes me most happy about this, more than anything, is that it’s not just people who are really interested in yoga this year. There are people there that are doing it for spiritual enlightenment, physical activity, because they think I’m fabulous, and just for general interest. The shame is that most of my classes are cancelled because of weekend vacations, so I’m working to get something fixed for the next semseter. I want to have at least two classes a week that people can attend, and it will make me happy.

In addition to this, which is really the most random and weird of all things, is that I’ve had football players come up to me in the library and ask me when my classes are and such, and are really interested! What’s even more weird about this situation? They are actually polite and kind to me now, it must because I’m older and wiser. But in addition to this, in the last class that I held there were at least seven boys in the class, and this is unheard of in all of my years of teaching! It means that people are becoming more interested, or are just finding some way to get involved for whatever reason.

My only regret is that I don’t have any comments or suggestions that people tell me about, and thus I’m left guessing as to whether or not people are enjoying themselves! They need to be more vocal, so if anyone who is reading has taken my classes or know people who have; please get them to be more vocal to me.

And don’t hate me for my poor English during the classes, I’m spirtually enlightend whilst teaching, as well as struggling to differentiate the names of the limbs!