What’s more enjoyable than going to get some food late at night at a 24-hour food joint that cooks food incredibly fast? Well I can think of a few things but it’s totally cool for a loser like me! Check out how ghetto those pictures and stuff are; it’s awesome. We saw four police officers too whilst going there!


What does it look like on my walk into campus? Well I practically live on campus but I’m still technically off campus! I walk through the residences because it gives me an opportunity to be non-anti-social, in otherwords social. I might just run into someone I know (unlikely) but it’s worth a try. The sun shines beatily down on us as the crispy air trickles in our nostrils, yearning to infest us with sicknesses that plague the student body.

There have been a rash of attempted rapes, kidnappings, date rape recently, and I’m sketched out. I’m more vulnerable than a skinny-skanky girl in this town; *shudders*