So as I walked home down Kirk Street, the single most sketchy street to walk down at night, I came home to find the doors unlocked, and all the lights in the house on. What is up with that?

Recent developments point to the fact that I have a stalker in Sackville, and as well as being stalked at a house that I don’t even live at! Is there no security in the world yet? I’ve talked with the RCMP and there isn’t even anything that anyone can do.

So this is a message to the wise; tomorrow I’ll write more stuff here but as of right now. All people in the world, lock your doors, close your blinds, lock your windows, because there are some creepy people and creepy shit goin’ on worldwide.

I mean; stalker leaving notes and such and my housemates neglecting basic security…

Severely not impressed; not in the least!