I think that I’m finally able to identify what it is that is bothering me so much about my only music course that I have. It’s just far too less of a workload; and thus is boring and uninteresting. We sit in the classroom for too long of a time, hour and a half, and we talk about the same thing everyday; with no variety.

The professor is very good and kind, and understanding, but I think a little too easy. I need challenge, or I’m not motivated at all, and there is something not very motivating about learning a recorder song. It just makes me want to go to sleep, as I walk out of the class without any notes. Yes that means that it’s almost as bad as revolutionary litterature; but alas, in that class now we at least have some direction and idea of where to be going; much appreciated.

In other news I’m on a hunger strike, or so I’d like to call a body purification diet in order to clean out the dirtyness of my intestines and body. This means that my emo-phase of it, and my montly male PMS will be starting around the same time. Watch out for the mood-swings in the coming weeks peeps; it’s gonna ba a rocky rollercoaster.

In addition to that, I’m striking against cleaning the kitchen until it’s been cleared of Thanksgiving items. It’s Sarah and I’s turn to clean the kitchen, which we are fully aware of, but after three failed attempts at requesting the turkey bits to be thrown out in the garbage, it hasn’t been done and Sarah and I have decided that we will wait until they do it, considering that we had no part in the fiasco.

In addition to that, if the others think that I’m cleaning the oven, they’ve got another thing comin’, because they were the ones that burnt things and let the juices done. The most that I’ll do is maybe donate my cleaning supplies to their cause, but they are going to need metal brushes and a lot more cleaner if they are going to accomplish anything. So I’m slightly amused in that way.

In addition to that, demanding a cheque for the rest of the year’s internet bill; you’ve got to be joking me. That’s what’s been requested. My retort to this was; post the bill on the fridge, then I’ll pay you. There is something about the situation that is fishy, and I’m playing it safe, and completely within my legal rights. My sneaky suspision tells me that the bill hasn’t arrived and that’s why it’s not on the fridge, and Ben’s still trying to collect regardless of that. Again, they’ve got another thing comming. In addition since I wasn’t here in August, I refuse to pay that month’s services; obviously.

Fair, simple, and completely within legal rights; that’s the way that Osky plays da game!