Before you get your knickers in a knot, all the females that are reading this do not take offense to the fact that I’m talking about PMS that affects men. It’s true that men don’t have the horrible things that one calls menstration, but hormones are things that affect all people, male or female.

And so I come to the first day of my monthly Male PMS which I’ve had since I can remember. It usually lasts about three to four days and it happens on a three week cycle I reckon; but in any case it started on Saturday and it was sparked upon weaking up.

I woke up and went to tennis training, came back during the Terry Fox Run, and as a result I felt like shit. Why you ask? Because people were running without shirts, and despite my alright body, it makes me feel self-consious and curse those that passed me. So I walked to Sassy’s and got some binge food to binge on because I felt emo.

The emoness comes with the hormonal imbalance, and I swear… despite my massive lack of testosterone, I sure do have a shitload of hormones flowing through my body. Mood swings quicker than Maritime-weather, that’s pretty damned fast for those non-maritimers, and all around emo-ness. It’s just a recepie for disaster.

In any case the day will move on, and I feel the cramps and the aching already; doesn’t it remind you of female PMS, minus the bleeding? I know it’s eerie, but seroiusly, I get cramps, and emo, and emotional, and bitchy, and hormonal.

Watch out, the bitch is on the loose…