So I was browsing my normal blogs today and doing some searches and such and I ran across the blog of octapus boy from Sackvegas. You know… the one who was dancing around like an octapus (clearly) and amusing Sarah and I to a very great extent. In fact it’s kind of disturbing as to why I came across his blog. I’ve, since Sackvegas, seen him about a half dozen times on campus and I am surprised to have recognised him. Without the flailing around in a fun manner, it’s difficult to tell you know.

Anyways I thought it was funny and I had to write something about it. The tennis tournament begins tomorrow and I’ve got my skanky outfit ready. I hope that I’m not arresed by the RCMP of New Brunswick; as I’m sure they would be able to find reason.

No it’s really not that bad, at least I think so, but as usual I’m terribly biased.