My discontent continues as the shower in the main floor has yet to be fixed. We were told by our “lovely” landlord that we weren’t to use it until it was fixed, but with six people sharing one bathroom, it’s impossible to even imagine that it’s doable. So the seed of discontent was planted; and thus we live in a seeded place. To further my awesome mood, I had to wake up this morning at 07.00 to go to tour guide training. So I knew everything beforehand, why is it that I had to go and do it again? I guess to be a “good” role model or something. So me drinking hot choclate in a room with “no food/drink” sign makes me a good role model? Hmmm

Broken Door

In addition to the woes of the bathroom my temporary thinie that I hang things on that moves, seems to have broken and the plastic just doesn’t cut it. I might just go and buy another one in Amherst as it’s so cheap. But my door fell off the hinges a few days ago; and “Arman” is supposed to fix it. So until then what do I do with a door looking like this? See above photo.

What’s a boy to do, besides kick ass at tomorrow’s tennis tournament? I want to wear something shocking; watch out Sackville. Small town is gonna need shock therapy after this.