Why do I love the frosh dance party, Sackvegas so much? Because it’s the best and most exciting part of the year by far, and why is this year extra special? Let’s review.

  1. I get to dress up,
  2. In dressing up I become taller,
  3. Mass amounts of make-up are used,
  4. I dance like a feene,
  5. Nobody knows me there,
  6. Therefore I can be a supa-slut without anyone knowing me,
  7. I got hit on three times by three seperate people,
  8. I went to the pub for the first time,
  9. I’m awesome.

Isn’t that just freaking awesome? Yeah I know, it’s just that I rock so much that it hurts other people to think about. So screw all this surrealist French litterature that I have to do, and let’s party down (only on weekends bitches!) and get it on. The sad part is that I feel old, because I was out from 20.00 until about 00.30 and I came home then because I was tired. I’m a freak what can I say.

My overall reflection…

You cann’t say to the sun, more sun; or to the rain, less rain. To a man, I can only be half of what he wants, as I am only what I am, and yet to learn of kindness after so much angerness, to understand that a little boy with more courage than he knew, would find his prayers answered. Can that not be called happiness?

After all these are not the memoirs of an emperor,
Nor of that of a king;
These are memoirs of another kind.

If you’re able to tell me where that abbreviated and changed quote is from, I’ll send you a t-shirt… or something