So Brent, Andrew and Co. hosted the frosh party for my alum house, Hunton House (bitchin’!) and it was alright. I didn’t know anyone of course because it was random people, and two years of frosh and upperclassmen that I’ve never met. Rumour has it that the house last year had a lot of nudity, a lot of horrible moments, but they ended up winning so many spirit competitions. Sounds awesome and everything; Go Hunton!

Anyways, I got ditched by the people I came with (go figure right?) and I met up with some people that I know. Clearly none of them are awesome enough to give a shit or anything. People just floated, and then ditched me, and floated, and ditched me but I’m not surprised at all.

I walked there with other upperclassmen, and I felt ancient and so over the whole party thing; weird since I never went through the party phase, and now I’m an adult that thinks everything is ridiculsly immature. I walked there in Heather’s heels because she was too slow and pained by them; I do it better than her, as expected. Why do I have fabulous legs? Why do I walk well in heals? Why is this disturbing?

Beats Me Biatches!

When I walked home I ran into Abden, and wow he remembered me. It was chilly but he walked by me and about twenty paces later he asked if I was okay, I replied yes since I was basically just cold and bitter about having to walk all the way home and being tired. Boo small town and windyness in the dead of night. I ended up sleeping in until about noon, how depressing. Mental note, never stay out late again; ding-a-ling!

I did some YouTube video responses today; how disturbing, now the world gets freaked out by me. Awesome yeah, no! Tomorrow is a holiday, I think? And then classes begin at 11.30 Tuesday for me, take that bitches; bwhahaha! Nancy Vogan will be a great way to wake up, it makes me smile and feel good about myself. I’m also a bit cross with random people, for lying to me and actively dis-including me in things. Okay so I’m not a girl, I’m not gay, and I’ve been away for a year; does that really mean that I should be completely ignored?


So there’s about 2’000$ of cash laying around our house and guess what; none of the doors lock because we live in the ghetto. Cue landlord for rent pick-up please! Also note to mother, I’m ordering cheques so I don’t have to carry large sums of cash. Also another note, I will take a picture of all the money. Who’s seen a 100$ bill before? I’ve never even seen a 50$ bill before; or at least the new super-faux-Aussie money that Canada produces. Pictures tomorrow! Go team.