Once again I’ve moved and mostly am settled in my new home at university in Sackville, New Brunswick. Where you ask? Well it’s in the east coast near the boarder of Nova Scotia, still drawing blanks? It’s in the middle of nowhere basically that’s all you need to know.

I arrived a bit late because of thunderstorms, but it’s all okay now and I moved in, and slept on the floor for the evening. My stuff arrived the next day and I moved in and got comfy as quickly as I can. I originally was designated the downstairs room, which is huge, but since it’s not finish being renovated and it smelled like crap I decided to filch the upstairs room. It later turned out that the upstairs room has windows that open, which is very important for me as I sleep with the window open during winter, and it’s smaller. I like a cozyer space, and it’s good with the sunlight so I won’t get depressed as easily.

The downstairs room isn’t finished, but the windows don’t open (bad). I’m happy, but the only problem is that I have gross carpet and no wardrobe or closet. This means that I have nowhere to hang anything, and it’s terribly disconcerning. I have a lot of clothes left to unpack, and not having a place to hang things is getting on my nerves. There are no stores in which I can find things to make a hanger so I’m more or less screwed.

I found some cheap stuff online at IKEA but they don’t have them here in the East-coast, and they don’t deliver this far (I think). I will have to find out and talk to my mom, since the cheapest thing that I can find around here would be upwards of $120.00, when the wall unit at IKEA is at a maximum $57.00 and minimalistic. I must communicate and figure it out.

In our house we have pets, which I’m not sure about so far. I’m allergic to cats forsure, but I’m unsure of the dog. The cat scratched me and I puffed up so I know forsure about him, but the dog seems fine also it’s kind of stupid and spastic. My room is thus far a no-pet zone for at least the cat until I figure stuff out. As a funnier note, my door doesn’t close so I have to put boxes as a barrier outside it to keep the animals away. Funny that eh, funny that.

The house is alright, but sort of ghetto and under repairs, the previous tennants didn’t take very good care of it, but it could be a hell of a lot worse! I will post pictures when I find space for things… It could take awhile!