So I’m packing to get ready to go into Toronto to stay at a friends place before I hope on a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit going to Columbia South Carolina. Yes that’s right folks I’m going on vacation again, but this time to a place where it’s hot and southern and has beaches and nice weather. Take that weird thunderstormy Canada.

I just hope that I wake up in time in the morning to get on the first metro going to Kipling and then the bus transfer. I figure 2.5 hours early at the airport is sufficient, but I guess we shall see. It’s going to be nice, I hope and Jean might even take me to Myrtle Beach! Wouldn’t that just be amazing; I’m actually salivating right now thinking about it.

And who gets to pick me up at the airport? Two hot chicks, that’s right; America be jealous cause I’m awesome haha. I really do hope that I make them jealous, but anyways some plans for the trip:

  • See state buildings
  • See government buildings
  • Work out at Jean’s gym
  • Go running everyday in the morning
  • Eat lots of salad and drink lots of water
  • Do a survey

What is this survey you wonder? Well when we are on the beach I’m going to walk around with a clipboard being a Swedish foreign exchange student doing a survey on American English pronouciations, since I’ll be a linguist. I think I’ll take the name Mathias, unless you have other suggestions? Hell I can be someone new everyday; give me suggestions!

What’s the purpose of this? To get close to goodlooking people of course; yes I’m pathetic, but highly entertained! There’s nothin’ betta dan catchin’ me a southern’r