Jet legged like hell I couldn’t sleep and was terribly uncomfortable since I arrived home. It’s been weird timing, the massive distances between things, and the huge things when shopping that are throwing me for a whirl. Even the currency I don’t understand and find that it’s not familiar. I sort of resent it, but it’s Canada Day with the family so I figured it would be okay.

Since my father died, my mom and her sisters have been closer on both sides, so it was nice to have some family around not for me to waste away into nothing because that’s what I was feeling like. It turns out that being in Canada, and this horrid little suburb is the thing that’s driving me crazy and making me feel sick and horrible the last few years. I’ve gotten a horrible sinus infection like I got when I came to France, and I’m trying to get over it but I manage.

We had a band concert for Canada Day which I went to perform in so that I could surprise everyone of my arrival which was earlier than expected. The performance was just before the fireworks show, and Alison, her fiancé Brian, and Cameron (all my cousins but really my bros and sis’) came for the fireworks to see me and enjoy old moments together. It was great to be familiar with people but being in Canada was weird. It was freezing and oddly in the middle of nowhere Jason Villnef came over and started hugging me saying how much he missed me.


We never were very good friends, but we went to the same high school; but the impression that he left was that everyone thought we would have been friends for years. Weird, but I guess it didn’t bother me. The fireworks came and Newmarket didn’t dissapoint this year; thank goodness – damn cheap city! And we went home and I struggled to sleep as usual; life back in Canada is going to blow…. (chunky chunks)

Nevertheless a lovely day to celebrate the country and it’s quasi-independance from Britian. Something like 145 years now; go team.