Getting back to Strasbourg was such a relief, finally being home and not having to worry about where to live and about carrying stuff with me anymore. The only problem that I found was that I would have to commute to Basel for the next two days, which I could live with. I think mom and I needed some space apart anyways because I was getting a bit tired of doing everything due to lack of linguistic backgrounds, and it just became a bit much for me to have to take care of myself, as well as completely someone else. Also I do things at a much faster pace so she was slowing me down, which is fine because I realise she’s older, but like I said it was time for me to go home.

So the night that I got back I called some of my friends to see what was up, and well of course people were going out so I packed the larger suitcase courtesy of aunt Bernice, and then went out for a nice night. We went to Brasseur and then to Salamandre, and it was opressively hot and of course I got excessively drunk so I knew that the next morning was going to be a huge struggle. It was also a surprise to everyone since I came back earlier than expected, but I was sad that when I went to Ginette’s door she wasn’t there and I had missed her leaving by a few hours. Oh well, I tried right?!

I woke up the next morning about as horribly feeling as anyone could feel, but I peeled myself out of bed to head for the train station. Huge fiasco, my ticket wasn’t valid and the conductor got mad, and then I ended up on the wrong train and in Mulhouse, and then I had to take another train heading to Brig coming from Brussels, so all in all it was a panic because the machines wouldn’t let me buy the tickets, but I spent about 20€ more then I should off because of the invalid ticket. I made it to Basel and we went for a walk around to see the city. Wow is there nothing to see. It rained, and we were stuck in this really sketchy industrial area for awhile, and then we managed to make it back to the train station and then we were looking for somewhere to go. We found our way into the old part of Basel which was nice, and since mom wanted to see the university and botanical gardens we went there. The sun was so hot that I was dying and just miserable, but the city hall was really weird looking. One of the weirdest designs for anything that I’ve seen; but it was cool never-the-less. We went back into town and since I had dinner plans with some friends I went back to Strasbourg and mom found some food. I would be back to pick her up in the morning to bring her to Strasbourg to illegially house in my room for the night before her airport bus to Frankfurt.

The journey home was nice, and once again we went out and got piss drunk. I said that I wouldn’t do that because I had to get my mom early in the morning, but of course I did like a horrible person and we went to some nice discos that I hadn’t been to. The next morning was rough as ever, and I made it to Basel late, and mom was there waiting and we headed back to Strasbourg with her to house in my room. I talked to a few of my friends and we had decided that we were going to see the new Pirates of the Carribean film that was out, and my mom would tag along since most people wanted to meet her anyways. So we got back and everything was fine and we had kebabs for the first time for her, and the film was alright nothing to special but after that I had to hide my mom inside and she couldn’t leave because of the security dudes. I had told her previously that it was someone’s birthday so I was going out again, and she just went to sleep. I went over to Becky’s room and drank a bit and then went out and boy was it a fiasco; nobody would let some of the girls in because they were too skanky, and then I saw some people that I didn’t see for awhile, all in all when I came home at 4.45 in the morning, it left me 15 minutes to sleep before having to wake up and take mom to the train station for her bus.

I was still very woozy, dizzy and drunk when lugging all the luggage down the stairs. I swear, if it wasn’t for the hand-rail I would have died, abou 7 times. We rushed to the tram which we barely missed and didn’t even have tickets for because I didn’t have enough change. But eventually we got to the stop and then mom was off, as the sun was rising. Note: the new train station in Strasbourg is really nice!

I struggled home and then went out to meet some friends, but the real story was about last night. I will explain in the next post. Mom made it off alright, and I hope that she made her flight okay in Frankfurt with all that luggage! Anyways, less to worry about now, just find some vacation plans for the next little while.